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Way back in the photographic Dark Ages, camera makers would release new camera models every few years. One year’s Pentax or Nikon wasn’t all that different from the one you might buy a few years later. No longer. Buying a digital camera is a challenge, what with the ever-evolving churn of megapixels, image sensors, face detection, and other features straight out of a sci-fi novel. So when you’re buying a camera, you need assistance, and Digital Photography Review is here to serve, whether you’re looking for a point-and-shoot from Sony or a digital SLR from the likes of Canon or Nikon. Digital Photography Review, as its name suggests, offers in-depth reviews of the latest cameras, as well as digital photography and imaging news, discussion forums, buyers guides, and lots more. You want sample images? Got it. Detailed specs? Got it. Independent, informed reviews? Yep. Before you buy, research, and do it here.

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