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Is writing a notecard a lost art? Yes and no. Yes, in that email swamps handwritten communication by a wide margin, and no, because writing a personalized note, especially one on a sensuous paper stock, carries extra weight, literally, in an age when electronic communication reigns supreme. That’s why you might want to pay a visit to Crane & Co. If you really want to make a statement, whether by sending your wedding invitation, or by reconnecting with a college classmate, or just by sending a note to a potential business contact, you might want to consider using genuine stationery. And Crane & Co. will assist you in every aspect of this, with etiquette advice about the ins and outs of personalized stationery. As you would expect, the store is also useful for events of all types, with special-occasion stationery for holidays, weddings, baby announcements, and more. You can also pick up all the accoutrements, including journals, pens, and travel gear.

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