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So you need to pick up a gift for some of your favorite tots out there, but you’re out of hints and ideas. Enter eBeanstalk, a store specializing in toys and baby gear with an educational and learning focus. That’s right—you don’t need to buy a gift that’s just about convincing a kid to spend a lifetime devoted to mass-produced imaginary characters! At eBeanstalk, you’re able to tap right into the products you’re looking for—top-selling toys for four-year-olds, say, or great gift ideas for one-year-olds. And what will you find? Inventive, fun toys designed to stoke a child’s imagination, from a tabletop easel to a wooden drum to a “Swan Lake” dress. The brands tend toward those emphasizing imaginary play, including Melissa and Doug and Plan Toys. Which means your kids will be entertaining themselves, not just being entertained.

Visit eBeanstalk.

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