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Whether you’re a fan of Warhol, a lover of Van Gogh, a sports fanatic, or an aficionado of scenic pastures and sunsets, stocks art that you will likely want to buy, frame, and put on your walls. Here’s an art store with the everyday consumer in mind: You show up at’s homepage, and you’ve got the chance to browse art by artist (Klimt, Monet, Picasso), by subject (botanical, movies, and even motivational), and style (fine art, photography). If you’ve ever walked into a Chelsea art gallery, you know how intimidating the art-buying scene can be. With, there’s zero intimidation. You’re after a sappy sunset? Go ahead, spend away. But if you’re after a Kandinsky, you’ve got that, too. Framing is available, as well, making it easy to transform your home from an art-free zone to one that’s a world of beauty.



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