Motto and Tags

You want it, someone’s got it. Millions of items for sale, from nobodies around the world. Going once, going twice—a Wilson metal tennis ball can with “light scratches” and “minor denting.” Empty, too—unlike eBay, which has everything you’d ever want to buy. Or, if you’re more in a selling mood, here’s a way to earn extra bucks—or even run a business of your own. Auction sites can be found at all corners of the web, with large retailers and individual consumers trying to sell just about anything: hard drives, jets, eight-track tapes, antiques, horses, cars, computers. If something is being sold, it’s being auctioned on the web. You’ll find lots of deals out there, but don’t get too excited and bid past your limit: Remember, you’re spending cash at this game. And, to make sure you’re buying from a reputable seller, use eBay’s sophisticated feedback system to check out comments about sellers.


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