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Let’s face it: You’re surrounded. PCs, digital cameras, iPhones, e-books devices, GPS units, wireless phones. Technology is everywhere, from your cubicle to your car. Which means, if you’ve got any chance of surviving—of thriving!—you’ve got to take control of your techno-life. CNET covers it all, with comparison-shopping, hardware reviews, and free software downloads—all of it integrated in a slick cyber-package, ready for your consumption. When you’re thinking of purchasing something, whether it’s a Nikon SLR or a Dell notebook, you should visit CNET and see what they say about it. At CNET, you’ll find lots of tech-savvy articles, like “Detroit auto show wrap-up” and “Four new browsing apps for iPhone,” all of them to help gearheads and technophobes learn about new products and make informed purchasing decisions.

Visit CNET.


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