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7 easy ways to get wine and beer delivered to your doorstep

Here are some clubs to help take the fear out of your eyes. Get away from the same, stale booze you drink every night and try something new. If you find something new you like, then you can look down your nose at your unsophisticated friends. If don’t like it, you can always go back to your safe brand, and besides, it’s still alcohol.

  1. Beer Across America
    Start with the original. Beer Across America was the first microbrew of the month club, and continues to bring you great microbrews from around the world.
  2. Ambrosia
    Do you consider wine the drink of the gods? If so, then check out Ambrosia. They have three different clubs you can join, with an impressively large portfolio and even a collection of Cabs over ten years old.
  3. The Rare Beer Club
    Beer in a wine bottle with a cork? Get beers selected by one of the world’s leading beer critics. These beers are barrel aged, corked and can be paired with food like wine. Find out just how good aged beer can be.
  4. Williams-Sonoma Wine Club
    Flexibility is the key word here. Williams-Sonoma, which first opened in the heart of the wine country, has clubs for novices, entertainers, wine buffs and more. You can even decide if you get the wines every one, two or three months. Why not start at the source?
  5. Clubs of America
    They do a lot of clubs, but the beer is all we care about. You get a 12-pack of beer a month from these guys, four different kinds in each pack, all brewed in America.
  6. The Extraordinary Wine Club
    The wine club of world-famous Sommelier Jake Kosseff has a couple of great options for discovering new wine: Extraordinary Wines from Off the Beaten Path and The Next Big Thing. Take a chance with this cutting edge expert, as he puts it “adventurous drinkers find better bargains.”
  7. Hog’s Head Beer of the Month Club
    What should you do after finding a picture of an ugly boar’s head on your doorstep? Have a beer. Fortunately, if you are in the Hog’s Head Beer of the Month Club that ugly box will be filled with some of the best microbrews of all types from around the country.

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