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9 spots for “real” world news

Keeping up with world news is a considerable task for anyone to undertake these days. How, for instance, can someone from the UK really understand what is going on in South Africa or Peru? One solution: Tap into news sources from around the globe. With just enough background and support in their stories to update even the most uninformed reader, these sites provide news that can be read by anyone from any continent.

  1. BBC
    The amount of resources offered on BBC’s news website feels endless in its variety. For those with truly a limited amount of time to catch up on world news, there is a one-minute video clip highlighting the most recent events around the globe.
  2. Aljazeera
    The only independent news network in the Middle East, Al Jazeera English strives “to give voice to untold stories” and provide breaking news from some of the world’s most underreported regions. Combining fearless journalism with live TV streams, Al Jazeera provides the most direct coverage from hotspots around the world.
  3. China Daily
    Published in the People’s Republic of China, China Daily is as close as readers will ever get to reading Western journalism-style news fresh from Beijing. China Daily is considered by many to be the English mouthpiece of the Communist Party and provides the most recent updates on the nation’s policy and news.
  4. Guardian UK
    With features ranging from evolutionary riddles in Scotland to regular updates on the swine flu epidemic, Guardian UK has the best of world news coverage and even provides readers with related articles in a live stream at the top of its web page.
  5. United Press International
    In its “Briefing and Analysis” section, United Press International divides the latest world news in categories like “Emerging Threats,” “Energy Resources,” and “Security Industry.” It also has an extra section for odd news around the world that is sure to keep even the most serious of readers entertained.
  6. The Times of London
    A section titled “World Agenda” on The Times of London website covers breaking world news from all corners of the globe. More importantly, this section features Times experts who explain the real issues being reported behind headlines and what readers should keep a lookout for.
  7. Asia Times
    Asia Times provides world news from a limited but significant number of regions like the Middle East, Japan, and Korea. What is most unique about the website, however, is its division of China news, reporting stories not only from Hong Kong and Taiwan but also from less-covered areas within China like Southeast Asia and Central Asia.
  8. The Globe and Mail
    The Globe and Mail’s world news section goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes down to reporting the human element of international stories. Africa Diary, for instance, talks about everyday life and events across the continent while Points East, a regularly updated blog, details the latest happenings in China and East Asia.
  9. Integrated Regional Information Networks
    Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN) is a news agency focused mainly on humanitarian stories around the world in regions that are often ignored or dismissed by more popular news groups. Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, IRIN provides breathtaking media coverage of world news that, however shocking, usually never makes it to the headlines.

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