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Thanks to Sterogum, you needn’t quit your day job to keep up on all the music world’s doings in the restless and desperate sea of shaggily coiffured kids angling for a quarter hour of fame. Like a tragically hip, though friendly older brother, Sterogum has the answers to all the questions you’ve been too square to ask (sans chest-sitting and pendulous loogies). How face-melting is the axe work on the new Mastodon album? (Very.) Has Interpol really sold-out? (Little bit.) What’s a Ting-Ting? (Pap and piffle for the masses.) Free downloads, exclusive sessions and cryptic gossip abound on a site dedicated to unearthing the latent, and often short-lived, cool of our era of accelerated celebrity. Get it while it’s hot and always ask for seconds.

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