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Join the quest for all things good with GOOD. GOOD is a collaboration of businesses, nonprofits and individuals who have joined the ranks of people combing the world for the meaning of good and what it can be. GOOD combines the social power of a magazine, online videos and planned events for the worldwide community concerned with sniffing out good. Read blogs about worldwide conflict, environmental concerns and advances, like cement that absorbs carbon dioxide and emits less of it in production. Watch news and informational videos that are less of the type you fell asleep to in science class and more along the lines of bright, innovative messages that will nudge you toward progressive thinking. Forget the State of the Union—check out a State of the Planet video, which assures you that while global problems loom heavier and darker than ever, the collective capacity for good shines brighter still. We could all use more GOOD in our lives. Find it here and spread the love.

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