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Traveling around the world for cheap has now been made easy: HostelBookers has compiled a listing of hostels in 2,500 destinations with no booking fee. Going to Amsterdam, Syndey, or Madrid? Hostels tend to get a bad rap, but some are quite nice and allow you to stay within your budget, so you can have money left over for delicious food and souvenirs. Pick a place on the map and read about all about things to do there. Go to the events page and make plans to attend the mother of all carnivals in Rio de Janiero, where you can observe the massive samba competitions during the day and then shake it in the bars and clubs at night. Throw a tomato in Spain at La Tomatina or take part in the procession and celebration of Mexico’s Day of the Dead. Book a vacation to sightsee in London or eat croissants in Paris. Not only will you travel on a budget with HostelBookers, but you’re sure to have a trip you will never forget.

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