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Boing Boing is the website that seems to defy all attempts to define it. This cooperative blog can seem like it is nothing more than a whimsical collection of things that caught the editor’s eyes. But a deeper look reveals that Boing Boing is digging through the depths of the Internet to bring you the essence of hip, indie culture. Boing Boing is full of fun pictures, video shorts, art and just interesting things people are doing. You will find no shortage of ridiculous new gadgets and fads, like powders that prevent “monkey butt,” and offbeat news like Free Comic Book Day. But Boing Boing also examines the day’s hard news, bringing in experts to examine if, say, that Wall Street Journal article was right when it said a lot of people were making a living blogging (Boing Boing says no). There are also related blogs dedicated to technology and video blogging. Boing Boing walks a fine line between being entertainingly pointless and informative at the same time, and it does so quite well.

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