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Married To The Sea

Let’s be honest, most webcomics aren’t that original or even interesting. Luckily, husband-and-wife duo Drew and Natalie bring their unique taste to the genre with Married to the Sea, a dryly funny comic that takes public domain drawings – often decades old in appearance, like something from a Victorian medical manual – and updates them with modern references and nonsensical humor. Many of the captions poke fun at the odd images, such as one comic from January 2009 that shows a woman holding a large bundle of grapes with the caption, “Hmm… What if I stomped on these a bunch and then let them rot in a barrel?” The humor is often random and lowbrow, but that’s what makes Married To The Sea so funny. There’s just something hilarious about cuss words and Ron Paul references paired with stock graphics from the 1950s. In addition to Married To The Sea, the married couple operates three other webcomics on their Web site, including Toothpaste for Dinner.


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