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25 must-have travel gadgets from Time

Traveling used to be about getting away from it all, but now, with the prevalence of business travel—as well as the trend to bring your work on family vacations—travel is often anything but a gadget-free zone.

If you’re traveling, you’re likely to want to take your gadgets with you.

And with that in mind, Time has a list of 25 “gotta have” travel gadgets, including the  Kindle e-book reader and the  Flip Mino digital video camera. As the list makes clear, your gadgets are all about both work and play. The list includes the  HP EliteBook 6930p laptop and the  MacBook Air, but it also includes the Play Station Portable.

Of the  Franklin 12-language (Speaking) Global Translator , Time has this to say:

The most useful sentence to learn in any language is: “My friend will pick up the tab.” Unfortunately, that’s not one of the 12,000 pre-programmed phrases on Franklin Electronics’ 12-language Speaking Global Translator, although you could certainly piece it together from the 450,000 words stored in its memory.

Yes, you’ll be well-equipped for international travel.

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