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You’re in the market for a digital camera, but where should you do your research. We’ve got one word: Here. Sure, there are other spots for camera reviews, and if you’ve got the time, by all means, visit them, but this is one of the first and one of the best; you won’t go wrong by doing your research at the Digital Camera Resource Page. The site provides thoughtful, smart and detailed reviews. Wondering about the new Canon G10? You’ll find the review here. The latest in the Nikon Coolpix line? Those, too. User reviews can be extremely helpful, but the reviews at the DCRP take things further, with tests of “noise” in low light situations, shutter lag, and other features and capabilities you’ll likely be caring about, whether you know it or not, once you purchase your camera. And purchase you will, for digital photography is everywhere, and without a camera, how would you document your life?


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