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eWEEK looks back on Google’s domination of 2009

In spite of the economic recession, Google proved indestructible in 2009. While top companies declared bankruptcy, leaving tens of thousands of employees jobless, Google’s popularity skyrocketed. The company branched out into a number of new (and oftentimes unexpected) markets, experimenting with several innovative products that sought to strengthen its hold on the web.

In honor of Google’s most productive year, eWEEK has listed the “Top 10 Google Stories of 2009.” The list covers everything from Google Wave – “the most ballyhooed and hyped product announcement of the year” – to Apple’s flat-out rejection of Google Voice, an “encroachment on [Apple’s] mobile communications turf.”

Other notable topics include Google Books, a service that enables readers to search through whole digital texts in a variety of genres. The company’s proposal ignited controversy and opposition from competitors, who accused Google of trying to monopolize the online book market.


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