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Twitter How-to: Use Twitter search

For savvy twitterers, that search bar in the right-hand column is probably one of the most useful tools on the Twitter homepage. Here, you can find just about whatever you’re looking for — tweets about people, websites, news and other topics. To find tweets from a specific twitterer, simply enter the person’s username. Every tweet with @username and #username will show up, so you can easily learn about your favorite twitterer. For tweets about someone who’s not on Twitter, a simple search of the name will suffice. But if you’re looking for a particular person’s Twitter profile, you’ll get the best results if you click on the “Find People” link at the top of the page. For topic tweets, type a # symbol followed directly by your desired topic. This is an effective way to stay up-to-date on the issues and ideas that matter to you, as well as to find twitterers who share similar interests. You just might discover someone who shares your love for obscure indie music or antique teapots.

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