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Looking for free content for your Kindle? Delivereads delivers with quality curated content

Amazon likes to brag that you can read all the newspapers and magazines you want, wirelessly, from the comfort of your Kindle. Unfortunately, the costs associated with subscribing to these publications may be a little too steep for some. Enter Delivereads, which delivers free, high-quality content to your Kindle.

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Google+ isn’t a Facebook killer. But is it a Twitter and Tumblr killer?

Google made a big splash with its social network, Google+, and ever since, the tech world has been calling it a Facebook killer. But for all the similarities, Facebook and Google+ are actually very different creatures, and Google+ instead seems poised to threaten the popularity of trendier social networks like Twitter and Tumblr. Here are […]

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5 essential services for living life in the cloud

The newest trend in file management is cloud storage — “cloud” referring to that magical land known as the Internet. With your life stored in the cloud, all of your stuff is more accessible to you than ever, meaning you’ll never have to live without your music, your files, or even your books.

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I’mWatch: A wristwatch that connects to your smartphone

Your wrist might be the last place you’d expect to see Google’s Android operating system, but a new Android-based, super-connected wristwatch called I’mWatch is pretty genius, when you think about it.

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4 best photography apps for Android phones

If you got a new Android phone this holiday season, you might be wondering, “How can I make those cool retro-looking photos that all my iPhone-bearing friends keep posting?” Wonder no more: These four apps will cure your iPhone envy and give you just as much power and flexibility to create intriguing photography right from your Android phone’s camera.

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This animated commercial was made completely in Photoshop

We’re all used to seeing still images (or maybe an animated .GIF or two) that have been created with Adobe Photoshop, but video? That’s a new one.

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You’ll soon be able to borrow Kindle books from your local library

Amazon announced today a new Kindle feature, launching later this year, that will allow libraries to lend out copies of Kindle ebooks to patrons.

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Summify helps you avoid information overload with periodic social network summaries

Between Facebook, Twitter, and all of your favorite RSS feeds, there’s a lot to keep track of every day. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the near-constant barrage of information available online.

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Send your Pandora play counts to with LastPandora

If you’re one of the many users who obsesses over play counts and personalized music charts, then you probably hate that you can’t sync your account with your custom Pandora experience.

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RockMelt browser brings surfing and social networking together

It might look like Google Chrome at first, but RockMelt is an interesting new browser (in an already crowded sea of browsers) that aims to integrate social networking and sharing into the web browsing experience like never before.

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