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Twitter Tip: Don’t be selfish

So you’re on Twitter to promote yourself or your product — great. Twitter can be a powerful promotional tool. But if you don’t want to alienate your followers, it’d be a good idea to diversify your tweets and post more than just links to your own content. If all of your tweets focus on your latest blog posts or links to your website, your followers might get turned off by your self-obsession (or, even worse, bored out of their minds). Try linking to blogs, articles and products that are related to your interests and obsessions. Into photography and photoblogs? Then tell your followers about the best of what you’re seeing. Who knows, you may pick up more than a few followers, as linking to other twitterers or retweeting their tweets is a time-tested way to encourage them to follow you. Or ask for followers’ input on an issue, giving them a chance to weigh in and interact with you. If you feel like you’ve only got the time to tweet about yourself, then give your followers behind-the-scenes info — what you’re working on, how your project is coming along, and problems you’re having. Give your followers something more than just a rehashing of the content you’ve got on your blog or website.


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