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Twitter Lingo: FollowFriday

Meaning: A theme every Friday during which people suggest other interesting twitterers that their friends should follow. Use: “Check this guy out: @username. #FollowFriday.”
Every Friday, the Twitter community comes together to suggest people to follow. It’s as simple as that. Whether they’re suggesting friends of theirs or people they find particularly interesting or useful to follow, many people participate in FollowFriday every week. It’s useful for beginners to help them find people to follow, and it’s useful for twitterers who hope to increase their reputation — if you can get a recommendation on FollowFriday, that goes a long way toward spreading the word about you. While FollowFriday is the most popular, there are special themes (also known as memes) for every other day of the week as well, including MusicMonday and ThankfulThursday.

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