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You’re not the only one who’s gotten lost in the constantly expanding web of social media; it’s happened to all of us at some point. Digsby is a desktop application (compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux-based computers) that helps you stay afloat in the digital world by bringing all your social needs straight to you in one central location. The major areas of your digital life can be managed directly from Digsby: IM/chat, e-mail and social networking. While you’re chatting with co-workers and e-mailing your parents, you can also keep track of your Facebook feed and update your Twitter from within the application. The truly remarkable part is Digsby’s flexibility; it supports all the necessary platforms for e-mail (GMail, AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo!, IMAP and POP), instant messaging (AIM, ICQ, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, Facebook Chat, Jabber), and social networking (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn). If you’re a multitasker who likes to have multiple windows open at the same time, Digsby sends you pop-up notifications, no matter where you are, to let you know about new messages. You can even reply to those messages from the pop-ups, so there’s no need to navigate between different application windows if you’re really busy.

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