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How-to: Use Twitter Lists

Hard to believe, but there was a time when lists were not a part of Twitter. Back then, your followers were followers, and that was that; there wasn’t really an easy, foolproof way to sort them into groups. But now there is: Twitter lists make it a snap to create groups of twitterers — even if they’re not people you follow. You might, for instance, create one list of your “real world” friends, another of your professional contacts on Twitter, and another of foodies into sushi (or whatever else you’re into). To create a list, just select “new list” on the Twitter sidebar; once you’ve created a list, you can add twitterers from any spot where you can view their profile. It’s easy, it’s quick, and it’s extremely useful. That’s because you can make your lists private, accessible only by you, or else accessible by anyone. Other people can follow your lists, and you can follow theirs. That means you can use the expertise and connections of others as shortcuts to find what’s best on Twitter. You’re wondering about the top twitterers in tech? Technology blogger Robert Scoble created a list of “people who make stuff happen in and to the technology industry.” Others have created lists of photobloggers, book reviewers, and just about everything else you can imagine. Follow them, create your own, and share the Twitter love.


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