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3 hands-on “first impressions” of the iPad

Yes, the iPad is here, and technology commentators—in particular, those who got a chance to try it out (albeit briefly)—have begun to share their views of the device. There are kudos, there are complaints, and there are still plenty of questions about who’ll buy it and use it when it’s released some 60 days from now.

PC Magazine felt the device was a bit heavy at 1.5 pounds:

Unfortunately, I was a bit underwhelmed: I can see a lot of really useful applications for the iPad, but the reality is that it looks and behaves like an iPhone on steroids. And that’s not exactly a good thing.

David Pogue, writing in The New York Times, had this to say:

Until I saw the demo, I wondered why you’d want an iPad instead of a laptop. After all, the price is about the same. And once you add a carrying case to the iPad — wouldn’t you worry about that glass screen bouncing around in your briefcase or backpack naked? — it’s about the same bulk and weight as a laptop. Now, though, it looks like Apple really has created something new. Criticisms of “Like a laptop” and “a big iPod Touch” don’t really do justice to the possibilities.

And Engadget says its lack of multitasking is a real disappointment.

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