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Alton Brown’s fans will already be familiar with the Food Network chef’s fantastically nerdy book “Good Eats” and his role as the witty host of “Iron Chef America.” For those unfamiliar with Brown’s geeky charm, however, a visit to is the best way to get to know his famous scientific cooking advice. Not only does include informative links on various food subjects mentioned in “Good Eats,” but it also involves everyday cooking advice from Brown — like why he prefers using the renowned Shun brand of cooking knives and which food-related books “AB” is digging lately. If you’re looking to put some of Brown’s advice into action, the Alton Shop contains kitchen essentials like multicolored salt cellars (so there’s no chance of confusing sugar for salt) and a grilling basics kit. Wearing one of Alton’s hugely popular “Science: It’s What’s For Dinner!” t-shirts while cooking may even inspire a culinary discovery adventure of your own.

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