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Lunch in a Box

Office-dwellers and delivery-food addicts everywhere should be familiar with the bento box from typical Japanese restaurants: a full meal usually containing a salad, dumplings, and an entrée like teriyaki or sushi. At Lunch in a Box, the idea of bento box lunches has been kicked up a notch. Blogger Biggie lived in Japan for nine years, where she started creating her own bento boxes; they don’t necessarily have to contain Japanese food exclusively, but can be made from a variety of different ingredients flat-packed into an attractive lunch. Lunch in a Box includes inspiring pictures of Biggie’s own bento lunches and her advice on ingredients and container choices. It also entertains user-submitted ideas and an energetic forum where users share thoughts on threads like “What did you pack your kid today?” Ultimately, Lunch in a Box is committed to promoting healthier lunching habits for kids and adults alike, so before you think about another greasy delivery Thai meal, consider your own bento box creation.

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