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New York City residents have really lucked out: for anyone who can’t get down to the grocery store because of inclement weather, work, familial obligations, or maybe just laziness, FreshDirect has put together a grocery delivery service that isn’t just convenient — it’s also fresh and economical. Besides your everyday brands of groceries, FreshDirect features an extensive range of organic items on its user-friendly website, as well as ready-to-eat meals prepared by their own chefs, which means there really isn’t an excuse for microwaving yet another TV dinner. If cooking from scratch is more your thing, FreshDirect also has a substantial recipe database, which can be filtered by ingredient, cuisine, or dietary concerns. If you need any more persuasion, FreshDirect demonstrates its commitment to the community and environment through green and inner-city-development initiatives. Convenience, freshness, and responsibility: FreshDirect really does do it all.

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