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It seems that every corner you turn on the Web leads to an expanding collection of Facebook or MySpace-style social networking applications for enthusiasts of nearly everything. Forkd has channeled the popularity of networking platforms into a food- and recipe-based website that allows users to upload their recipes and accompanying photos to a personalized profile. The true social networking aspect of Forkd is revealed when users are allowed to “fork” recipes uploaded by others, adding them to their recipe collections. This aggregates a virtual recipe box of completely user-generated recipes. Just because you have “forkd” a recipe doesn’t mean you have to stick to it completely; Forkd encourages users to adapt recipes to their own tastes and habits. The “remixed” recipe is then uploaded again for other users to peruse and consider. Because the recipes on Forkd are easily organized by tags (anything from “casserole” to “jars”), there’s no excuse for not being able to find a recipe for any meal you have in mind.

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