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The recipes your grandmother handed down to you are beloved because you know that each has been extensively tested, not only for its workability but also for its familial and personal appeal. KitchenBug is a recipe website that features tried-and-true recipes, contributed entirely by users who test the recipes in their own kitchens and then post them to the database, along with helpful instructions. Users create their own KitchenBug profile that allows them to browse the entire database as well as create “contacts” to swap recipes and advice with. Perhaps the most endearing part of KitchenBug is that each recipe is truly user-friendly, a fact revealed even by a quick glance. Instructions are frequently sprinkled with handy tips like “Add chocolate chips and nuts, or whatever’s around” and the all-important “Enjoy with a big bottle of wine!” Becoming a member of KitchenBug will make your grandmother proud; in fact, she may want to join, too.

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