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In the volatile theater of restaurants and nightlife in America’s major cities, there are heroes, villains, damsels in distress, and an ever-growing audience of savvy diners. Eater chronicles the openings, closings, hirings, firings, and high-stakes reviews that keep us all watching and eating. Part of the Curbed Network of websites, Eater’s specialty is timeliness (it posts links to The New York Times restaurant reviews the day before they come out in print), and it achieves this by inviting the audience onto the stage. In the Eater Flickr Pool, readers are encouraged to post their photos of new restaurants and of the beautiful — or tragic — food served. The “Tipping is Customary” feature invites residents to alert the editors to shuttered and seized spaces, unsafe food storage conditions, and other goings-on in their own neighborhoods. Eater saves you a seat at the moveable feast even after you pay the check and push in your chair.

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