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There is an axiom of entertaining that says you should never serve something to a guest that you haven’t made at least once. With ingredients from D’Artagnan, you’ll have no objection to making the same thing twice — at least. D’Artagnan specializes in game meats and high-end groceries that will make a special occasion or holiday meal original and memorable. D’Artagnan stocks everything from wild Scottish game birds to wild boar tenderloin, as well as basic duck breasts and responsibly raised chicken. If you’re looking for something lighter, there are pâtés, terrines, and truffle products from Burgundy. None of this comes cheap, but it probably does not come to your neighborhood grocer or butcher at all. Expedited shipping in D’Artagnan-designed packaging and cool packs get your order to your doorstep in fresh condition. There are also great recipes and entertaining ideas based on various ingredients. So if you’re lost in the supermarket — or just bored there — D’Artagnan’s freezer offers an inspiring challenge.


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