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Some see a full bottle of wine as a missed — or at least postponed — opportunity. For the more patient, collecting wine can be a hobby, an investment, or just responsible housekeeping. WineBid makes the home collector’s life easier. WineBid is a weekly auction that closes on Sundays, with wines from top producers in California, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Spain, Germany, the Southern Hemisphere — just about every major wine region. Lots at traditional auctions are often 6 or 12 bottles. WineBid is friendly to those with a smaller collection; smaller lot sizes (one or two bottles, or up to a case) offer access to top wines without the top-dollar price an entire case could fetch. Buyers pay a small premium, insurance, and shipping costs (second-day air is recommended), but they get access to wines unavailable at many retailers. There are also winery-direct purchase options from top producers in Burgundy, Italy, and elsewhere. If you have wine to sell, WineBid offers consignment to their temperature-controlled warehouse in Napa, California.

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