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VendrTV is taking back the streets. The site is focused on street vendors, and the reviews are dished out in bite-sized webisodes that are anywhere from 7 to 10 minutes long. The segments are posted every Wednesday. After what the executive producer of VendrTV calls “a fairly intensive research phase,” an estimated 25 “man hours” go into each episode. It may seem like a small payoff for a large amount of work — each segment requires a three-man production crew and at least three hours shooting on location — but the entertaining videos are a fresh way to present an overdone topic. By narrowing the subjects to curbside cooks, it gives the limelight to a group that’s often overlooked. Have you ever taken the time to interview a vendor about preparation processes and cooking styles before buying that hotdog, or those soft pretzels? The website’s popularity is likely to spread through social networking channels as it claims its corner of the internet.

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