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New top 100 list: Food 100

We love food. Who doesn’t? And the web is a delicious and wondrous bounty of food information. Recipes. Foodblogs. Luscious-looking photography of rhubarb-almond bars, pistachio-crusted salmon, and just about anything else you can imagine. You may need to find a place to eat in Istanbul. You may want to decide what brew to buy for this weekend’s barbecue. You may just want to read about another foodie’s travails with a particularly challenging recipe. Whatever it is, it’s here, at the Food 100—Web100’s new top list that’s all about cooking, recipes, and food.

The list is comprehensive, it’s compendious, and it’s all about connecting you to the best food-related sites and resources on the web. We divide the list into categories, too, to make things easy for you. We’ve got the 25 top foodblogs, the leading recipe sites, the best spots for lovers of wine and beer, and lots more. Bon appetit.

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