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“Adventures in Taxidermy”

Still Life: Adventures in TaxidermyIf you’ve ever wondered what made Norman Bates tick, you’ll be interested in reading “Still Life: Adventures in Taxidermy.” In a quest to illuminate this misunderstood craft, journalist Melissa Milgrom visits taxidermists, attends taxidermy conventions, and even tries her hand at preserving a squirrel. Publishers Weekly calls it a “substantial study” and gives it a starred review: “In this absorbing blend of bright-eyed reportage and hands-on participation, journalist Milgrom demystifies the creepy art of bringing dead creatures back to life and dispels the myth that taxidermists merely stuff animals.” The book, which contains some in-depth descriptions of the preservation process, explores the desire to make the dead look alive, as well as the contemporary detachment from the meat that ends up on our plate. The New York Times says, “Milgrom has pulled back the curtain on a surprising and intense culture within which meat and animals — both dead and living — are very real.”


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