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ZeitounAbdulrahman Zeitoun is the protagonist of Dave Eggers’s latest work of nonfiction, “Zeitoun,” published by McSweeney’s. Zeitoun is a Syrian-born resident of New Orleans, a contractor and landlord who decided to stay behind as the water rose in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Eggers exactingly recounts the subsequent failures of the government and of humanity. “”Zeitoun” is a story about the Bush administration’s two most egregious policy disasters—the War on Terror and the response to Hurricane Katrina—as they collide with each other and come crashing down on one family,” says Thoroughly researched, “Zeitoun” matter-of-factly depicts the horrors of Katrina that were recognized too late and improperly handled. “‘Zeitoun’ is impeccably structured and bursting with empathy,” writes, “but Eggers’s real success is in how thoroughly he camouflages his own authorial voice.” Whilst juggling a publishing company, a magazine, and a screenwriting career, Eggers once again delivers a captivating read.

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