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Are comic books a boy’s club? Most think so. But Valerie D’Orazio isn’t letting that stop her. D’Orazio has managed to elbow her way into industry giant Marvel Comics and is getting just as much buzz for her blog, Occasional Superheroine. Her blog is becoming an everyday read for diehard comics fanboys, but D’Orazio is hoping to change that to fangirls as well. She is also the president of Friends of Lulu, an organization that is promoting the work of women in comics and pushing the industry to start looking at girl-oriented comics as a viable industry. Occasional Superheroine is not her soapbox for her organization; it is a blog about the latest news happening around the industry with opinion and analysis from a woman’s perspective, one of the most entertaining and shrewd voices in the industry. She may not save the world, but she is trying, one comic book reader at a time.

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