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4 best photography apps for Android phones

If you got a new Android phone this holiday season, you might be wondering, “How can I make those cool retro-looking photos that all my iPhone-bearing friends keep posting?”

Wonder no more: These four apps will cure your iPhone envy and give you just as much power and flexibility to create intriguing photography right from your Android phone’s camera.

  1. Retro Camera
    The interface is a little cheesy, as the app turns your screen into a mock retro camera (thus forcing you to take your photos through a tiny stylized viewfinder), but the resulting images are well worth it. There are five different effects/borders to choose from, including a Polaroid look-alike and a pinhole camera. (Free; or $2.99 for an ad-free version)
  2. FX Camera
    This camera replacement app has a wealth of settings and effects to play with, giving you all the flexibility you need to create the photos you want. And photo effects such as the mirrored-image “SymmetriCam” make it all the more fun to play with. (Free)
  3. Vignette
    This camera app is truly powerful; it has 68 photo effects and 56 frames, tilt-shift photography, photobooth, self-timer, and geotagging, to name a few. In addition to using the app to capture new pictures, you can also use Vignette to apply effects to existing photos in your phone’s gallery. Of course, you’ll have to pay if you want this app’s wealth of features. (Free for the limited demo; about $3.84 for the full version)
  4. Camera 360
    Camera 360 has that standard offerings, such as black-and-white shooting, sepia, and aging, but also throws in welcome additions such as selective focus (on selected phones), tilt-shift, HDR simulation, and even fun options such as a barely-there ghost floating in the background.

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