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I’mWatch: A wristwatch that connects to your smartphone

I'mWatchYour wrist might be the last place you’d expect to see Google’s Android operating system, but a new Android-based, super-connected wristwatch called I’mWatch is pretty genius, when you think about it.

The watch connects to your smartphone (regardless of operating system) via bluetooth and gives you access to all kinds of features from the small touchscreen strapped to your wrist. Want to make a call? Just enter the phone number on your watch and use the built-in speakerphone — all without every picking up your cell phone.

You can even have your emails, texts, social networking, and appointment notifications sent to the device if you want. Just imagine: Your wristwatch reminding you that you have an important client meeting in 20 minutes. We should probably coin a new term for this device right now: The smartwatch.

It’s also got some neat features that you’d associated with more traditional watches, such as the ability to view the time in either digital or analog format — whichever you prefer.

And don’t worry about lugging an ugly computer around on your wrist — I’mWatch comes in a suite of different colors and styles so it’s sure to fit into anyone’s fashion sense.

It’s hard to think of a better way to reinvigorate the wristwatch with new life as more and more people are opting to use their cell phones to tell the time.

You can’t buy I’mWatch yet, but you can pre-order it here.

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