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Ars Technica: HP TouchPad “smooth and snappy,” but “not without problems”

Another day, another tablet to compete with Apple’s iPad. Is it worthy? That depends on your perspective, of course. As many companies are realizing, it’s quite difficult to compete with the iPad, and that’s just what the HP TouchPad is trying to do.

According to an Ars Technica article, “Some features of the TouchPad will appeal to certain niches the iPad does not cater to: those who own, or want to own, webOS phones; those who are looking for a middle ground between Apple’s walled garden and Android’s free-for-all; and even those who reject Apple’s tablets and want an alternative with some semblance of an app selection and tight functionality.”

Ars Technica reports that:

The HP TouchPad, if it were less expensive, could be an extremely strong, if slightly less polished, alternative to the iPad. But like other recently-released high-profile Android tablets, it’s determined to take on the champ. And just like those Android tablets, its hard to recommend over an iPad at the same price. But the competition does creep ever closer, and the TouchPad stands as a solid iPad competitor for those who, err, “think different.”

Read more at Ars Technica.


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