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Organize and share your Kindle highlights (and more) with Findings

Is reading social? And if it is, how social? That’s one of the topics, among others, in a series of interviews at the blog for Findings, a startup that’s all about quotations, highlights, and annotations from books (and elsewhere). The interviews will get you thinking about the future of reading, and how reading may change, for better or worse, in the future. Will we carry on conversations within e-book apps? Share highlights in Pinterest-style apps or websites? No one really knows, but this interview series, with writers such as Clay Shirky, Clive Thompson, and Maria Popova, will definitely get you thinking.

Here’s how the company website describes Findings:

Findings is a groundbreaking tool for collecting, sharing and discussing clips you find on your Amazon Kindle and from any website on the internet. Just import your Amazon Kindle Highlights with Findings and you can start sharing and discussing them with others instantly.

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