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Parental controls for Chromebooks: the right computer for your kids?

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Let’s face it: The parental controls available for most computers are complicated and don’t work particularly well. The solution? Well, depending on the age of your child (and his or her maturity), you supervise their computer use or throw up your hands and don’t worry about it.

That latter option? It’s asking for trouble.

One solution may be coming, from Google. Chromebook computers, such as the HP Chromebook 11, are popular among students, especially because many schools are adopting them for in-classroom use. Now Google is planning to introduce something called “supervised users.” As the company says in a blog post, this feature will allow parents to manage their kids’ computer use.

This means once you’ve created a supervised user for him on your Chromebook, you’ll be able to visit to review a history of web pages he has visited, determine sites that you want to allow or block, and manage permissions for any blocked websites he has requested to view.

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