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“Leave Britney Alone!”

Who would have guessed that a crossdressing Britney Spears fan could get 26 million views for his teary rant against Britney haters?

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“Boom Goes the Dynamite”

This young man offers aspiring sportscasters a painfully funny lesson in how not to anchor a sports show.

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“Evolution of Dance”

Judson Laipply made a name for himself with his six-minute video of dances that spans five decades of pop music.

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“Leroy Jenkins”

It might be staged, it might be real, but one thing’s for sure: “World of Warcraft” has never been funnier.

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Hilarious and awesome: The 21 best webcomics

When future generations look back on life at the beginning of the 21st century, I hope they judge us on our webcomics.

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The Onion

The satiric wonderland that is The Onion is designed to make you laugh, and laugh, and laugh. Everything is skewered here.

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