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iPad alternatives? Here’s 20 of them

If you don’t want to buy an iPad, you’ve got options. That’s the gist of an article from TechRadar. Tablets are everywhere — well, the iPad is everywhere — and now there are lots of companies looking to latch onto the iPad craze with their own tablets.

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Macworld: 12 best stylus options for touch-screen art

Touch-screen art, typically created with the iPhone or the iPad, is everywhere these days, from gallery shows to the cover of the New Yorker magazine. Macworld provides a handy comparison of a variety of touch-screen styluses, and gives them star ratings.

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4 great Web-connected set-top boxes for HDTVs

Who needs a computer for entertainment anymore? It’s all about multi-tasking these days; if your devices are only doing one thing at a time, you’re behind the curve.

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3 best video cameras for teens

Everyone loves online video clips, like those at YouTube and Vimeo, and among the most ardent fans are teenagers.

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Handy comparison of 4 tablet computers and e-readers

A useful article from the Associated Press details the pros and cons of four e-readers and tablets: the Kindle, the iPad, the Nook, and the Galaxy tablet.

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Kinect and iPad top Mashable readers’ wish lists

What do the readers of the technology blog Mashable want for the holidays?

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Kindle tops David Pogue’s holiday gift list

David Pogue, the technology columnist for The New York Times, has a gift guide for 2010, with Amazon’s Kindle topping the list.

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3 best Internet-connected Blu-ray players for Netflix streaming

Do you want Netflix streaming movies on your TV? Sure you do. And short of buying an Internet-connected television—quite an expensive proposition, especially if you just bought a high-definition (HD) 42-inch television—then you can have your Internet and eat it too (well, not really, but you get the gist).

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Kids are after tech gifts this year, no doubt about that. You think your 7-year-old is content with a board game?

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5 best shoot-and-share HD video cameras

If you’re looking to record high-definition video on the go, the last thing you want to do is carry around a bulky full-size video camera, traditional camcorder, or limited functionality digital camera — and not everyone has HD video recording built into their cell phones.

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