Motto and Tags


You are your bookmarks. Meaning, well, that your bookmarks—your list of what’s of interest to you online—say a lot about who you are. You’ve got 124 recipes bookmarks? Then you’re probably gaga about cooking. And Delicious lets you store just about everything that’s of interest, tagging them with labels like “design,” “blog,” “tools,” “art,” and “howto” (all popular at Delicious). Now, why use Delicious rather than your browser’s bookmarking features? Because Delicious is just way, way better. With your browser, the list is often unwieldy—hard to navigate, hard to sort, hard to share. Because of this, the solution for the serial bookmarker is Delicious. (And if you’re not a serial bookmarker, Delicious may turn you into one.) The trend here is “social bookmarking,” as Delicious lets you share your bookmarks with others—those you want to be public—and tap into the tagged items of interest to others.

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