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7 sites to kill time (and have fun, too)

Don’t just stare at the clock all day. If you’re trying to avoid working, studying, or just looking for a way to kill time, then check out these websites. Don’t worry, most of them are quiet, so you can quickly hide them behind a spreadsheet when your boss walks by.

  1. mental_floss
    This is the site for knowledge junkies. Read random information, participate in the ranking polls, or get utterly lost taking quizzes on any number of topics, then email your results to your friends.
  2. Lunchtimers
    The letters game on Lunchtimers will keep you hooked. You, and whoever else is on, move letters around on a board forming words. It’s a guilty pleasure watching someone try to make a word, even as you keep taking their letters away.
  3. click bored
    click bored is so simple, yet so addictive. You click the red and black boxes and watch them split into four more boxes. Over and over and over again.
  4. The World Famous Random Kitten Generator
    What is it about random pictures of kittens that perk you up so much? Even the jaded among us will have a hard time not smiling at the kittens here.
  5. Falling Sand Game
    Anyone who has ever grabbed a handful of sand and watched it flow through her fingers will enjoy Falling Sand Game. Draw barriers to redirect the sand, catch it in a cup, or mix the colors together.
  6. Samorost 1
    Avoid Samorost 1 at work, since you will want to hear the quirky sounds that go with the surprisingly striking graphics in this simple click-and-play game.
  7. Funny Games
    Funny Games has over 3,500 games to keep you busy. If you have something you need to do, though, don’t start playing Splash Back.

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