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4 music blogs shamelessly devoted to pop

From 1960s classic rock to grunge, it seems that every music blog caters to a finely tuned niche of discriminating music fans. But what about a blog for the masses, for the sweating throngs who want to hear Justin Timberlake and Rihanna? Don’t we deserve blogs, too? We’re talking about pop music, that sugary, exciting, and ultimately popular genre of music that gets a bad rap from sophisticated audiophiles.

Jon Aliaga, who operates the blog ALi’s Blog, knows that people have a hard time taking pop seriously, but he understands the importance of pop music to his readers. “There was a time where EVERYONE listened to pop, and I think it’s slowly coming back to that way,” he says. “Pop music for the most part is fun and sometimes people need an escape.”

And you’ll spot a trend with this list. Three out of the four blogs here have an emphasis on British and European pop music because, while it’s hard to find a good pop blog, it’s even harder to find an American one.

But the originating nation of the music isn’t really that important. Ari Helenius, the administrator of OnlyVIPMedia, doesn’t look at music blogging in terms of boundaries. “If music is good, it doesn’t matter what genre it is or where it is from.”

  • Popjustice
    Sure, it’s written by a bunch of Brits, but they love American pop music, too, so you’re bound to find your fare share of hot American acts in addition to all the genius British talent you’ve never heard of. In fact, Popjustice is a must-read for any true pop fan; you can’t be a real pop enthusiast without first knowing Popjustice mainstays like Girls Aloud and the Saturdays.
  • ALi’s Blog
    What makes ALi’s Blog the definitive source for American pop music? Let’s start with “American Idol” updates and download links for studio recordings of contestants’ performances. Then add the weekly updates every Tuesday featuring the hottest new music of the week, complete with links to the iTunes store. Sprinkle in plenty of bonus tracks, full albums, and music videos and you have yourself one well-rounded pop extravaganza.
  • Please Don’t Stop the Music
    The flashy, colorful design is almost enough to get Please Don’t Stop the Music on this list, but the comprehensive pop music coverage definitely helps as well. A healthy dose of new music, leaked tracks, and YouTube videos all help to make Please Don’t Stop the Music an essential ingredient to a healthy pop diet.
  • OnlyVIPMedia
    This blog, operated by Europe-based blogger Ari Helenius, is focused mainly on European music but is enhanced by the writer’s unbridled passion for the music about which he writes. And, even though he’s thousands of miles away in Europe, he still manages to break news on big American acts like Britney Spears and the Pussycat Dolls.

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