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We’ve all been there: a night out hitting the bars, and the temptation for just one more beer grows harder and harder to ignore as the night wears on. However, spending a few minutes perusing beforehand may change things. The website offers detailed alcoholic percentage and proof information on many varietals of wine, beer and popular liquor beverages. Calorie counters trying to fit a drink into a tight regime can rejoice too: includes calorie and carbohydrate statistics on a long list of beers, from common shelf beers to designer drafts. If the numbers get to be a bit overwhelming, the makers of have also thoughtfully incorporated some fun facts into the site, such as the official rules to beer pong, as well as recommendations on how to brew your own beer at home. will change the way you view alcohol and liquor and perhaps even inspire some wiser choices. You’ll thank them the morning after!

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