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With the truly ubiquitous nature of the Internet and all things digital (blogs, iPhones, WiFi, HTML, Java, and so on ad nauseum) it’s hard to remember the days when most websites were bare-bones production à la Craigslist. One man who certainly continues the tradition is Jeffrey Zeldman, who offers his thoughts on the Internet and modern web design in a user-friendly blog format. As one of the Internet’s first web designers, Zeldman has also included informative sections on how to develop sites with rigorous web standards, a specialty of his after penning two editions of his book “Designing with Web Standards.” A real draw to is the “classics” section of the site, which includes old versions of digital ads that almost ran in the ’90s, as well as classic icons and avatars that were free for visitors to download and use in “Ye Olde Age” of forums and discussion communities. Eccentric details like these make a place to read up on a unique perspective on all things digital from a true web veteran.

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