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Tiny Mix Tapes

Turn on MTV or VH1 and you’ll notice a significant lack of anything truly music related. Rolling Stone or NME’s websites tend to regurgitate features on largely mainstream artists. A look at Tiny Mix Tapes’ website, however, will reveal a fresh perspective. Featuring extensive news on a wide variety of music genres and the industry at-large, as well as features and reviews on artists as diverse as Sylvain Chauveau to TV On The Radio, no one could accuse Tiny Mix Tapes of being exclusionary whatsoever. The site isn’t just called Tiny Mix Tapes for kicks either: the mix tapes section allows you to browse song track lists based on truly eccentric themes like “The Banjo Makes My Heart Rejoice” and “Songs for Freudian Slips.” True music lovers can finally rejoice, as this is a site created by and for their fellow enthusiasts.

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