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Fashion Indie, or “fearless fucking fashion” is a great place to get your snark on while window-shopping the top and bottom of the fashion game. Why not slam-book the red carpet while checking out the latest finds in beauty, designers and shops? Here you’ll find news on everything from the runway rundown to the next Marc Jacobs sale nestled beside nasty screeds about Jennifer Connelly’s chicken legs, Lady Gaga’s wonky music videos, and the latest hazing craze of America’s Next Top Model. Sass-mouth aside, the site pulls a lot of cred with emerging designers—nearly 100 designers have showcased collections down the runways of Fashion Indie, including VPL, Malan Breton, Zulema, Love Brigade, Harriet’s Alter Ego, New York Couture, Brooklyn Royalty, Sheila Frank, Diana Eng, Jamhuri, Te Casan and more. Heavily haute indeed—plus they offer a complimentary claw sharpening with every visit.

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